When by regularly manufactured shoes cannot remedy a patient’s problem, custom-made fLBT logóoot coverings to correct structural and/or functional irregularities must solve the problem.

egyedi ortopéd cipőOur contemporary models include sporty as well as stylish fashionable selections, including special shoes made for children. Our catalogue helps in the selection of the foot-wear best suited to individual tastes.
Dr. Orto also provides special care to accommodate individuals reliant on orthoses, and/or those suffering from diabetes or a shortened of clubfoot.

We offer a selection of shoes that are not only fashionable but also comfortable, that protect the health of the foot, prevent deformity of the foot and may even accommodate arch-support inserts for flat feet. The onset of aging also brings changes in the shape of the foot. For this reason shoes that had been comfortable in the past may no longer be. It is difficult to find appropriate footwear for people who have bunions or hammer toes.
Our selection of shoes meet the needs of every generation from size 18-48. We offer foot coverings for small children to extra large sizes in a wide assortment. Our children’s shoes assure the proper placement of the heel in the shoe, which is a prerequisite for the development of the arch.

Diabetes footcare

One of the most subversive and harmful effects of diabetes is prolonged lesions and ulcerations on the foot, which in many cases can lead to amputation. Special shoes and inserts can alleviate the problem. Shoes for diabetics are wider and deeper than average, the outer surface is designed so that there are no stitches or pressure points. The most important characteristic of shoes for diabetics is their ability to accommodate the special inserts used by such patients. Ordinary shoes cannot accommodate diabetic inner soles, which are thicker, softer, and made of a material that distributes the pressure under the foot more evenly so as to prevent the development of excessive pressure under the foot, which may lead to ulceration. Very often patients only get to LBT by the time complications from arterial or neurological degeneration has taken hold, causing ulceration. Even so, we can provide solutions for such an advanced stage of disease but the goal is for patients to come to us prior to developing such complications.

Proper alignment of the foot’s structural relationship, use of skin and other foot-care products, proper socks and compression stockings, as well as wearing appropriately loose shoes that are nevertheless fitted to the foot are all important factors in avoiding the threat of amputation.



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