The two-decades long professional experience of LBT and its workshop specialized to the manufacturing of individual articles are able to find workable solutions to most musculoskeletal problems.

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Egyedi ortézisek készítése a Dr. Orto EgészségcentrumbanSometimes the use of a custom-made orthotic aid that incorporates the entire locomotor system is necessary. Such an instance does not necessarily imply the severity of a medical condition, as a foot orthotic made especially for someone is also considered a custom-made orthotic aid.

LBT’s experience of two decades and its own workshop established to fabricate custom-made medical aids is guarantee that it can provide an effective solution for most motor-function impairments.

The two-decades long professional experience of LBT and its workshop specialized to the manufacturing of individual articles are able to find workable solutions to most musculoskeletal problems. The mix of therapeutic devices produced by LBT include articles from foot support and individually made braces to the provision of solution to children with cerebral paresis and therapeutic devices of all kinds of musculoskeletal problems.

In case of devices prepared after individual size taking, individual manufacturing is a professional requirement, which must follow manual processes, while LBT has all kinds of machinery and equipment, which help the work of our co-workers and improve the aesthetic appearance of the products.

Master mechanicians of therapeutic devices, masters of orthopaedic shoe manufacturers, mechanicians and orthopaedic shoe manufacturers and makers of normal shoes with plenty of experience and professional knowledge work together in therapeutic device manufacturing.

In case of individually manufactured devices worn on the body it is a basic requirement to follow the form of that part of the body. Their shape is formed in the orthopaedic workshop by stamping devices working on plaster models of the part of the body in issue: PE sheets are formed by vacuum machines which produce the proper form. In order to make devices more human, coloured covers can be applied to the forms, e.g. figures known from tales, a picture of a car or it can have even a camouflage covering.

Inserts made after foam samples are made with similar vacuum technology, with the use of special heating and stamping devices.

Our knee braces are produced with state-of-the-art Pfaff type of stitching-machines using threads ensuring special stretching on a line arranged with 4-needle Mauser lock machines.

The background of orthopaedics

Both active (muscles) and passive locomotor organs (joints and the bony system) may suffer from several kinds of congenital and acquired diseases. The subject matter of orthopaedics is the congenital and acquired defects of the musculoskeletal system. This field covers diseases of bones and joints of limbs, a part of muscular diseases and abnormalities of the thoracic vertebra and of soft tissues around it.

Mainly diseases of the musculoskeletal system are behind sustained pains and disabilities. While moving strengthens parts of this system of organs, they are highly exposed to injuries and damage them by inflammation or abrasion. Bones, muscles and joints suffer injuries frequently. Severity of such injuries range from strained muscle and strains of articular ligaments to articular dislocation or bone fracture.

Injuries, fractures, dislocations or strains upon mechanical impacts (for example in case of an accident) are treated and cured by reconstructive orthopaedics. This field of medicine takes efforts to reconstruct normal motor functions and deformities of bones, muscles, tendons, joints, tendon stheaths and other additional organs of locomotion.

Another part of diseases of the locomotor system is of medical origin and belongs to rheumatology.


boka-láb ortézisLBT provide a large selection of custom orthotic devices.

An orthotic device or orthosis (commonly known as a brace or splint) is an orthopedic device that is applied externally to the limb or body. The purpose can be to provide support, protection or replacement of lost function. There are a large variety of devices available depending on the diagnosis and physical needs of the individual. Orthoses are named for the body segment or area that they cover or the particular function they provide.

Orthoses can be custom made or custom fit depending on the needs of the client. Custom made orthoses are made over a cast which is a model of the client’s body part. These devices are fabricated by orthotic technicians and fit by orthotists. A custom fit orthosis is made to measurements and is customized for a particular client. These devices sometimes come in kit form and require assembly and customization by the technician and orthotist. Some devices also require a combination of techniques to provide the most suitable device to meet the individual’s needs.


Műláb, protézisProsthesis is an artificially produced device that satisfies certain remedial, cosmetic and functional aspects. Our Company is engaged mainly in manufacturing of prosthetic legs (artificial legs) on high-standard. It is the characteristic of prostheses that they can be manufactured individually, only. Patients must be accustomed to the use of artificial limbs gradually. From the professional point of view this requires team work supported by a Rehabilitation Specialist, Physiotherapist and orthopaedic technicians who make the artificial limb. The aim of this team of professionals is to ensure to patients the opportunity to live a whole and the best quality of life possible with the artificial limb made specifically for him or her.


How prepare the orthosis
1. Vizsgálat

1. examination

2. Megoldási javaslat

2. supply proposal


3. measurement


4. Gyártás

4. production


5. control

6. Véglegesítés, Kontroll

6. completion