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LBT Kft. manufactures and sells a wide range of medical engineering and therapeutic devices.

The mix of products and services offers excellent solutions from prevention to the treatment of the most serious musculoskeletal problems.

Among marketed and originally manufactured products, orthopaedic and traumatologic devices, tools for rehabilitation and home care or devices of foot care for diabetes sufferers are also found similarly to comfortable shoes and arch supports serving health prevention of feet, arch supports and braces for athletes and home appliances supporting general therapeutic purposes.

The high level of our services is also evidenced by the fact that well-known foreign – German, Swedish, Dutch, Italian and Austrian – manufacturers have chosen us as their representatives in Hungary.

Beyond our well-known foreign vendors, our domestic partners and our own manufacturing facilities guarantee the excellent quality of our products.

These products reach customers partly through our retailer network and through and expanded system of wholesale networking.

Individual customer care – meaning among others the manufacture of certain articles for individual sizes, private consultations and professional consultation – is provided at our central establishment and in some stores.

In medical attendance, teamwork is our principle, where the joint work of physicians, physiotherapists and other medical professionals and experts of several kinds of therapeutic equipment can lead to high-quality health care and success in treating patients. Therefore we work is close partnership with several physicians within a professional team. LBT signed contracts with several health institutions on the provision of on-site measure taking.

Under a financing agreement signed with the Hungarian Social Security Institute, we have the opportunity to serve customers with NHIF (National Health Insurance Fund) subsidy in the background in cases of medical and therapeutic devices within the scope of subsidized articles.

About two dozens of service contracts with different health funds and articles available for Health Fund Cards allow the advantageous use of this form of advantageous shopping within our network.

Of course, customers can pay with bank cards in our stores.

Activities are supported by a proper infrastructure, modern tools and instruments, a pool of cars and an excellent team of professionals, and these characteristics make the firm a suitable provider of wide-ranging health services.

Summary of activites

The list below summarizes the activities of LBT Kft. is engaged in: We introduce the most important ones among them.
  • Retail and wholesale of products of LBT and international manufacturers;
  • Exclusive dealer and/or representative of several Europaen companies (e.g. Bauerfeind, Esco, Camp Scandinavia, Syncromed);
  • Operation of a retail network;
  • Manufacturing of therapeutic devices designed on the basis of individual measure taking;
  • Manufacturing of products in series of sizes;
  • Lending therapeutic devices (partaking in a model tested by NHIF (National Health Insurance Fund);
  • Provision of health care services and consultancy;
  • Sale of services of our contracted partners through LBT’s reatail network and network of partners;
  • Organization of musculoskeletal screening;
  • Development of new and modern procedures, orthopaedic and rehabilitation devices and products;
  • Initiation of registry, localization and launching  of foreign novelties in Hungary; and
  • Organization of professional programmes, events and trainings.
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