A paralyzed patient’s self-respect is largely influenced by their ability to care for themselves. Taking into consideration the individual needs of the patient, with the aid of experts we help to establish circumstances that approach the patient’s former quality of life.

LBT logó

There are a number of necessary aids in exercise for balance and movement in order to strengthen limbs or rehabilitation after injury. Barres, trampolines, gymnastic balls, hand and foot weights, exercise mats, balance boards, straps –­ that is, seemingly the complete array of tools used in physical therapy treatments – are available in our stores, not only for physical therapists. Our trained experts facilitate healing, or to maintain health by helping our clients to select the appropriate exercise equipment to use at home.

 Ambulatory aids, canes, cruthes, walkers, rolling walkers

Walking may be one of the most complex activities to master, but it’s also one of the most valuable for the physical and emotional development of kids with disabilities. The process of helping any child to walk alone takes time and effort, but the end result is a taste of independence that helps their development of spatial awareness and encourages a proactive desire to discover what is all around, not just what is in front.

NimboThe Nimbo Posterior Posture Walker

supports the user from behind, promoting upright posture and trunk extension. Made from lightweight alumium, it has a height adjustable frame so can grow as the child does.


The MoweGo gait trainer,

enhances physical and mental wellbeing, supports active standing and learning to walk or walking. By means of the upright posture and torso support, body, musculature and organism are strengthened. The spring suspension seat eases the gait training.

The MoweGo gait trainer supports optimal freedom of movement for the user. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This means that social participation and intellectual abilities are promoted.


Wheelchairs, mopeds

There are numerous models of wheelchairs. They can be grouped in different categories based on function, drive and control. There are wheelchairs that can be self-directed, or only with an attendant, manually or power-driven. We offer our expertise and wide selection of appropriate mobility devices to our partners.

boka-láb ortézis

Ankle Foot Orthosis

We are specialized for paralitic patients.  We produce all types of AFO-s:  rigid AFOs, hinged AFOs, grund force AFOs, dynamic AFOs. Our main reference is the Pető Institution, where we provide the orthetic  treatement.
Ankle-foot orthosis: A brace, usually made of plastic, that is worn on the lower leg and foot to support the ankle, hold the foot and ankle in the correct position and correct foot drop. Abbreviated AFO. Also known as foot drop brace.


ToeOff ankle foot orthosis

ToeOff is an advanced and very easy to use rehabilitation orthosis that helps the patient to live an active life. The orthosis stabilizes the ankle and foot and absorbs the forces at heel strike. This results in a more natural and dynamic gait.

ToeOff is not only effective, it is also easy to use. It is very light-weight, easy to put on and take off, and easy to adjust. It is also com-fortable to wear. The orthosis fits into the shoe like an insole and accommodates most shoes without having to increase shoe size.

Orfit csuklo 2000X2000

Plaster cast substitutes

If you’ve ever experienced having to wear a traditional plaster cast you will probably appreciate the choice that Orfit, X-lite products offer in setting sprains and fractures. These plasticenvironmentally and dermatologically friendly plaster cast substitutes are easily applied, lightweight, waterproof, antiallergenic and allow air to circulate so that they can be used to treat any age group for most conditions requiring extended immobility.

fürdőkád ülőke

Hygienic aids

We have compiled a complex product line for elderly patients or those with diminished mobility or paralysis in order to provide them as much independence with respect to personal hygiene as possible. From elevated toilet seats to the complete remodeling of a bathroom, we offer tailor-made solutions to our clients.
Our goal is always to provide the highest quality of life to our patients and to offer them as much independence as possible. Elderly and/or paralyzed patients require well-constructed medical equipment from an ergonomic viewpoint as well. If the patient requires nursing or continued assistance, handlebars, non-slip apparatus, patient elevators, bathing chairs and other practical devices can help the work of nurses and family members.