Walking for many people is made more difficult by injury or deformity of their toes. Through the use of Dr Orto’s selection of medical aids – shoe inserts for flat feet, sports inserts, silicon gel heel wedges, hammer toe and corn protectors, bunion treatments – every one can regain the joy of movement. Our customers feet can once again feel comfort in numerous foot coverings that we offer.

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Flat feet

are among the most common locomotor irregularities. Its primary indicator, fallen arches along the length and width of the foot, is easily recognizable.Flat feet affect the placement of the bones in the foot, ankle, legs and in addition, the womb and spine. The stability of a foot with fallen arches is diminished, while stress on the footjoints is amplified. The increased stress causes tension and tiredness causing an acceleration of joint deterioration that comes with age. As a result of flat feet, inflammation and deterioration of the joints, bunions, hammertoes, calluses and numerous other deformities may develop over time. Because of the increased stress on the muscles, pain may develop in the shin and calf bones.If fallen arches are neglected the person must contend with upper and lower back pain, muscle aches and fatigue.Arch-supports are central to the treatment of fallen arches. In order for the shoe insert to fulfill its function and support the foot it must conform to the foot, shoe, and various activities. This in many cases is only possible to achieve by adapting or fabricating an orthotic especially for the individual.


Thermoplastic insole:

This is a special arch support made of plastic reinforced with glass fibres and serves the lift-up of the transverse and longitudinal foot arch. It can be shaped into an individual arch support on 60-70 °C temperature. Its sole is only 1mm thick, therefore it doesn’t push out the leg from the shoe. It serves as a normal street wear. It can be adjusted to the deformity of the foot by experienced professionals only. The feet must be accommodated to the use of the insole gradually.
Insoles of comfort:
These products serve mainly the alleviation of metatarsal pain. They decrease ground stresses, i.e. forces rising when feet touch the ground. Welts made of silicon as a gel have vibration damping effect reducing the strain on joints of the lower limbs and the spine.


For children:

Orthotics help correct abnormal foot positions that can make walking painful or difficult for your child. Although commonly called arch supports, orthotics slightly alter the angles at which the foot strikes a walking or running surface, making walking, running and standing more comfortable and efficient.Doctors use orthotics, rigid shoe inserts, to hold the feet in a more normal position or relieve excess pressure on the foot. Although you can find arch supports in any drugstore, these products may not correct your child’s specific problem and may even worsen it. Pediatric orthotics can only be obtained from a doctor or podiatrist and are custom-made to address your child’s foot condition.Flatfoot results from a fully or partially collapsed arch and can cause an awkward gait and cramping and pain in the foot, knee or leg. Sever’s disease occurs when the growth plate in your child’s heel becomes inflamed, causing swelling, pain and stiffness in the heel. It can be difficult to run and jump when the feet and legs hurt. Wearing orthotics can help children participate in sports without pain or cramps disrupting a practice or game.


Sport-specific Insoles:

Participating in athletic activities is healthy and keeps us fit – the forces that impact on our feet, however, are extremely high. Depending on movement, 3 to 5 times of the normal body weight can be exerted onto the feet. Problems are often seen and may negatively affect the kne and hip joints, even the spine and muscle functions.Special sport inserts have a positive effect on our body’s posture. They furthermore reduce sport-specific forces and impacts as well as distribute the body weight in an optimal manner, thereby relieving the entire musculoskeletal siystem. This increase in stability helps to reduce injuries.Different sports require different inserts. Special inserts have also been developed for those on their feet all day.Our instruments adapt the insert and we tailor it to the individual based on the foot’s unique characteristics in the particular shoe to be worn.