Enhanced Hygiene Etiquette

Dear client! In the established health emergency, please adhere to the following enhanced hygiene etiquette:

  • Our store can only receive healthy customers! If you have a cough, fever, sinus infection, unfortunately our employees will not be able to serve you. Our employees are entitled to check your body temperature with a remote thermometer.
  • We try to ensure the hygiene of our business by regularly disinfecting the handles, counters, chairs and hooks, our employees wash their hands with increased frequency. Please wash your hands before making use of services, for example casting, individual shoe sizing and take-over, insole adaptation, etc.
  • If our employee wears a mask, he does so in your defence. Our employees working in the client space and in the care of clients will leave their work area immediately if they notice any symptoms of the COVID-19 virus on themselves.
  • If you or a close relative of yours has recently travelled to or flown in from an „infected country”, please inform us and we will supply you with a later date.
  • We ask all accompanying persons to wait outside the store area if possible.

Our health is in our common interest! Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.